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Launched in June 2013, Digital Observer Media is a digital agency that exists to communicate your brand online.

We aim to innovate and elevate. We love inspiring and being inspired. Our enthusiasm comes from our awesome team, our love of technology, a dash of creativity and most importantly — you. Every day we create, develop and maintain relationships with you, your brand and your audience.

At Digital Observer Media you are part of the team. We work together to set your priorities, goals and all other digital needs. We have built ourselves around being close to you and our community, which leads to inspiration and inspired work.

Instead of reacting to changing technology, we help you plan for it. We don’t build it then forget it. We work with you to get the most out of your digital presence. You don’t just walk in and walk out: You become part of something to us and we become part of your brand.

Our goal is to take your vision and image to the digital world. We do this because our culture is one that believes technology is a creative discipline. And that’s why we use design, video and social media to push your company to your audience. We tell your brand’s story and follow you through your growth. Our roots are deeply based in the Sarasota area and we know it better than anyone else.


We are natural brand storytellers.

Navigating the digital world can be pretty time consuming for a business. Branding, maintaining and advertising doesn’t stop after the first go-around — it’s a constant effort. We here at Digital Observer Media love that challenge, and we are ready to tangle with any digital need you have.

We work with you to lay out what has been done, what we need to do now and what is going to happen in the future. Working with you is the most important part of the plan and we make sure all your needs are addressed. Instead of reacting to changing technology, we work with you to plan for it to reach your audience more successfully

Our team is filled with people who have an abundance of experience in the video production, advertising, design, marketing and social media world. We see technology as a medium for creativity. Want a better presence on social media? We “Like” it! How about a new website? Click no further. Think a video would be perfect for you? Action!


We’ve got Skills

and we know how to use them

Our team … we’ve seen it all. Made up of seasoned video producers, creative copy writers, weathered web designers, tireless tech geeks, media mavens and advertising execs, we love analyzing your data, building sites and working with our clients. The beginning of the whole process starts with you. Getting to know what your needs are helps us exercise our digital skills.


Meet the team

EMILY WALSHChief Digital Officer

CALEB STANTONInteractive Art Director

ANNA FOSTERDigital Marketing Consultant

HEIDI COOKDigital Project Coordinator

ADAM SAAHTechnology & Development Manager

KATHY PAYNEAdvertising & Production Manager

JOHN DAYGraphic Artist

COLIN REIDDigital Content Manager


Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’

Jef I. Richards

Many a small thing has been made large with the right kind of advertising.

Mark Twain

Our Services

Showing our awesome services to the world

A great web design has a perfect balance between creativity and technology.

Your webpage is an environment for your brand that must be well designed, easy to navigate and puts your best foot forward. A great interface is critical in making your audience pay attention to you and get them talking. Keeping ahead of the trends is just as important as keeping up to date. As much as painting or sculpting is a medium for an artist, web design is your medium to showcase your brand and what sets you out apart from the crowd.

An engaging website drives engaged users and that’s the best kind. The way we see it — all roads lead to here. Your social media site, your blog, your mobile app — they all feed right to your home page. We build your site while keeping in constant contact with you for your input. Responsive design is absolutely necessary to reach your consumer in the palm of their hand. The websites we design for you are always responsive — whether on a tablet or smartphone — your website remains easy to navigate and well designed. While on the move your audience can search for you, see you and stop by while they are out on the go.

The design isn’t the only part about your website we care about. We create and optimize your content to help boost your SEO. We also check all your links, check them again and then triple check them. Links are an important part of your audience finding you. We design it, build it, link it and maintain it: Keeping you, your audience and your brand in mind every step of the way.

Engaging with customers no longer happens just during work hours.

Heck, it doesn’t just happen in the same state anymore. This is the true beauty of Social Media and its value to you. We see your presence online as an extension of what your brand is and so does your audience. This also means that we can build relationships with your customers one like, tweet, share, pin or follow at a time.

Across all your platforms, we design and brand everything to build your distinct feel and desired experience. Reaching out to your audience and being a brand leader in your area online is our goal. Your experience and relationship with us helps us create likable, sharable content across social media platforms. We know that social media success is not a one-way street. We have our ear to the ground for you, searching for your name and starting conversations. Your followers are all listening and we want to give them what they want to hear.

We don’t stop at 140 characters either. We create, design and fill your blogs with interesting, credible, optimized and searchable content, all while working with you to create your brand’s voice. Blogs help create content across all platforms and direct traffic to your site and can be suited to fit any need. Want a blog solely dedicated to pictures? You got it. Want to write about your company and the happenings around you? No problem.

We love telling a story here at Digital Observer Media. It’s what makes us perfect to tell the story of your brand. Working with you to make new content gives us the best story to be shared on your blog, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere. Don’t think storyboarding only happens in video production. We use it to map out where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Every consumer has an ‘A-HA!’ moment and we can capture it.

Communication is what we do best and a video is just one more way to talk about you. We listen to your desires and leverage our creative and technical powers to create, edit and publish your video. We do everything from pre-production services like script writing and storyboards to post-production editing, voiceover, scoring and motion graphics.

A great video can deeply increase your reach to your audience about your brand. We believe that all brand videos should elicit a positive response. Every consumer has an “A-HA!” moment and we can capture it.

Our team has long and diverse experience writing, shooting and editing commercial videos, corporate videos, product launch or showcase videos and more. We write scripts and storyboards while keeping you in the loop the whole time. We also provide talent as well as makeup and hair services, so you or the actors get the best close-up.

On-site, off-site or green screen shooting — whatever your heart desires — Digital Observer Media does and does it well.

Your brand’s growth is the goal and we can help you reach it.

Promotional experiences create excitement over a brand or event. Promotional campaigns call the audience to action to become part of something, to showcase their talent or to describe something that is meaningful to them. Creating this, in effect, creates a demand for you and your product. Promotions are nothing new, but Digital Observer Media specializes in taking classic promotional and marketing tools into the digital age.

Whether online or offline, promotions and contests are an integral part of reaching people in their daily lives. We combine the efforts of our social media presence and yours with email, online and print advertising to push your promotion to the front line. Whether it’s a series of social media contests to increase your likes and followers or a huge sweepstakes, your brand’s growth is the goal and we can help you reach it.

We want everyone talking about you — good things of course!

Since your business is affected by what people say about you, we think Reputation Management is one of the most important things that we do.

On top of this, we make sure that you show up where you are wanted. We do deep keyword research to be sure that when people search for something you do, we promote your positive comments and reviews.

When your audience speaks, we listen. We monitor all of your mentions and reviews and report them to you. The easiest way to do this is to be sure that you are prominently displayed in Local Directories. Making sure that all of the information on these sites is 100% accurate is the first step to ensuring that you are available to your consumer. Submission of your information to websites like Google Places, Bing, Yelp, Urbanspoon and more create a wide range of ways of which you can be reached.

Imagine how you would feel if a concern of yours was not addressed when you bring it up. Would that discourage you from using a service again? Leaving reviews and comments unaddressed is as bad as the worst negative reviews themselves. As quickly as it takes to post a review, we can report it to you for your immediate response or feedback.

Let your customer find you on the go!

Almost everyone these days owns a smart device — either a phone or tablet. Digital Observer Media can create and market the sites and apps that help you reach your customers and clients. We want to create the perfect strategy for you to become a leader in the mobile market.

Creating multiple user touch points everywhere with a website that responds to iPhones, iPads and android devices that your consumer is using is critical. Digital Observer Media knows this and knows how to make it happen for you.

Whether you already have a website or we create a brand new one for you, we know how to create a responsive design for your business. Your audience will be able to search for you and check out your website from their phone or tablet.

In addition to mobile-optimizing your site, we can also create an app for you. For both Apple and Android, your app can be on your customer’s home screen. They can read your news feed, swipe through your photos, make reservations and leave reviews right from their phone.

‘If I build it, they will come’ … Not always.

Sometimes there is an “If I build it, they will come” attitude when creating a website, Facebook page or even opening a business’ doors. Even though every business is different, the goal should always be the same: Get people to know who you are.

Digital Observer Media provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your company to make sure that when your audience searches they find you. We edit your website and analyze SEO status to ensure that your keywords and meta-data are completely optimized. We come to you with keywords that your competitors use and ones they don’t to build your visibility.

SEO is about getting successful results for you from searches. This includes building the best links, following Google guidelines and connecting the best audience to your site. Social media, blog and website links all promote your brand.

We also do cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising through Google Adwords and the Google Display Network. Display advertising is where we place banner images and video advertisements on websites your audiences use. Then we monitor your CPC and CPM ads to see which of your campaigns are doing the best. Also we utilize Facebook advertising to help your brand be more familiar and boost SEO.

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Digital Observer Media

Address: 1970 Main Street, Floor 5, Sarasota, Florida

Telephone: 941-366-3468

Email: info@digitalobservermedia.com

Experts at

Here’s some of the things we do:

We love Web Design

Your webpage is your digital welcome mat. It’s the interactive face of who you are. The design matters and we are here to help.

Visualizing, creating and managing websites for you is one of our favorite things to do. We can set you up from scratch, update your existing site or we can utilize sources like WordPress to make you a newly designed website.

Our method for web design has you in mind. We like to be good listeners. We work with you to find out your aesthetic preferences and finding out what you want, helps us design. This helps us determine the best design qualities for you and how we can work them into an easily navigable home page for your audience.

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Search Engine Optimization

How do you find something you’re looking for? You probably search for it on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Well, so does your consumer too. How do you know that they are finding you?

We love it when you get noticed. Search Engine Optimization makes sure that what you do isn’t hidden, which is a very important component of our digital strategy.

We register you and your information on search, directory and review sites. In-depth keyword and meta data analysis is our first step. We find the key words and phrases that describe you and what your customer is searching for. We also boost your results with cost-per-click digital advertising campaigns. Our strategy begins at making sure that you are completely visible to your audience, no matter how they search for you.

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Social Media

Everyone around you is always Tweeting, Posting, Liking, Sharing, Following, so why wouldn’t you join in? Your brand can find a great community to share with … and we can help.

Some people throw around the term “Social Media” as a buzzword, but there’s more to it than saying its important — you have to make it important. You know that it is, but you run a company. Where do you find the time to get on Facebook? How do you monitor your mentions and tweet a response, much less post a picture of your new product to Instagram? We believe social media is a medium in which to talk and connect to your audience … it shouldn’t be a chore.

We’ll implement a digital strategy to create and maintain your social media presence. Finding your voice and bringing it to your profile is only part of what we do. We can pair social media efforts with promotional contests, help spread video content to catch the attention of your viewers and much more.
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Our Work

We are pretty proud of our work; and of the work that’s to come!

McCarver & Moser Jewelers

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Steve Jobs

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney


Our News

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Our digital team went to the Young Professionals Group of Sarasota’s Block Party. When we got there, we wanted to ask everyone what their first memory of old technology was. We had an awesome time remembering (and not remembering) stuff we used all the time in our earlier years. Check it out here!

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“Wow. I didn’t realize that newspapers could do all this,” said a St. Louis-based marketing manager of an orthopedic group, at a small- and medium-sized business workshop at the Local Media Association’s Fall Conference. Knife in the heart. “And that you could be so creative and helpful.” Just twist that knife a little more. Newspapers […]

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